Action Replay vs. Gameshark (PAL vs. NTSC)

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Action Replay vs. Gameshark (PAL vs. NTSC)

Post by kai666 » Monday, 18 Jun 2012, 21:34

To all the people out there, searcing the internet for Action Replay and Xplorer 64 / Xploder 64 PAL codes.

A very few of you seems to know the huge and important difference beteween European (PAL) Action Replay / Xplorer 64 codes
and north American (NTSC) Gameshark codes, when searching the internet.

So, stop looking for a certain game, when using the words: Gameshark PAL codes.
It is a contradiction, and also an impossibility and, more or less, waste of your time.

Summa summarum est: (The bottom line)

Action Replay / Equalizer, Xplorer 64 / Xploder 64 and the German Game Buster = European PAL codes.

Gameshark = north American NTSC codes.

FYI (For Your Information): The Xplorer 64 was later renamed Xploder 64, but, it is still the exact same cheat code device.
It was re-named Xploder 64, in order to avoid confusions and misshaps with the Computer program of the same name.

The north American NTSC codes, and the European PAL codes, are, in most cases, not compatible.
Final words: Apart from a very few exeptions, a handful of games, or so, the codes from the two regions, are not compatible with each other ! ! !

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