Rocket: Robot on Wheels - CHEATS

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Rocket: Robot on Wheels - CHEATS

Post by kai666 » Monday, 02 Feb 2015, 13:50

Push Button Cheat Codes (Use D-pad and the Right shoulder button)
Pause game: Enter codes. A sound will confirm correct code entry and, automatically, unpause game.

 Super Swing: Left, Up, Left, Down, Z, Down(2), Z, Down, Left.
 All Vehicles: Up, Down, Z, R, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down(2).
 Invincibility: Z, R, Right, Left, Up, Down, Z, Down(2), Left.
 Super Throw: Down, R, Up, R, Up(2), Down, Up, Z, Down.
 Super Grab: Down, Left, Right, Z, Down, Right, Down(3), Left.
 Low Gravity: Z, R, Z, R, Down, R(2), Right(2), R.
 Low Friction: Up, R(2), Left, Z(2), Down, Left, Up, Right.
 Heavy Rocket: Up, Right(2), R, Right, R, Z, R(2), Up.
 Super Speed: Z, Right, Down, Up, Down, R, Up, Down, Left, Up.
 Super Jump: Down, Up, Down, Z, Up(3), R, Up, Z.
 Super Double Jump: Right(2), R, Right, Left, Z, Left, Z, Down, Z.
 Super Grapple: R(2), Right, Up, Z, Left, R, Z, Left, Up.
 Super Freeze: Down, Up, R, Right, R, Right, Up, R(2), Up.
 Clear all cheats: Up, Z, Right, Up, Down, R, Up, Down(2), Up.
 Bonus Level: Down, Right, Z, Right, Up(2), Right, Down.
 Test Code Sound: Z, Up, R, Z, Down, Z, R, Up, Left, Right.

See our Action-Replay and Xplorer 64 / Xploder 64 codes: ... wheels.htm

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