Bios of my Xploder64 has been deleted

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Bios of my Xploder64 has been deleted

Post by Maori-Jigglypuff » Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007, 13:06

Hi everyone,

As I was looking for codes with my Xploder 64 I suddenly was confronted with
a black screen. So I turned my N64 off and then on again but nothing happened. After a short while I've noticed that the Bios had been completely
obliterated. Does anyone know how can I restore the Bios ? Can I somehow upload the Bios into the device again ? How useful can be the Upgrade-Tools from this Forum? Has anybody any experiences with this kind of matter?

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Post by kai666 » Tuesday, 13 Feb 2007, 15:19

The only advice I can give you, is to contact Loek555, maybe send him a PM or just an ordinary e-mail, here from the forum.

See the full manual for the Xplorer 64 a.k.a Xploder 64, here:

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Post by MXVampire » Wednesday, 28 Mar 2007, 10:54

you might be able to recover using another XP-64 via cartridge to cartridge update, in the same order, as seen below:

Dead cartridge
Good cartridge

The above is how they should be plugged in. this is no garantee and also you may not know someone else with a Xplorer 64, but thought I'd inform you. otherwise the parallel upgrade is the only way. Or contacting Fire International (Blaze / FCD) and see if they can help you!
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