Nintendo Qrtr. Profits Sink

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Nintendo Qrtr. Profits Sink

Post by kai666 » Saturday, 30 Jul 2005, 6:28

Nintendo Qrtr. Profits Sink

DS sales not enough to save them, but not all's lost!
by Patrick Klepek, 07/28/2005

Though Nintendo DS has received surprising acceptance from every territory, successfully holding off the PSP onslaught, the new handheld isn't enough of a money maker to make up for Nintendo's missteps.
Reuters Japan passes on word from Nintendo of a 78.5% reduction in operating profits for the quarter ending June 30. Speculation from the news service on the reason for the drop makes perfect sense - the GameCube doesn't have enough exclusives, first-party and third-party, and sales of GBA SP and GameCube have been declining.

Still, the company's performing far better than its competition. Sony and Microsoft stand to suffer ridiculous losses as next-generation moves into full swing, whereas Nintendo's likely to continue operating in the black, simply receiving less profit than before, rather than none at all.


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Post by loek555 » Thursday, 04 Aug 2005, 17:21

Well, it's time for Nintendo to make more games that uses both screens usfully instead of using the other one just as "map".
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