Yet another reason why not to buy a Nintendo DSi

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Yet another reason why not to buy a Nintendo DSi

Post by kai666 » Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009, 20:28

Yet another reason why not to buy a Nintendo DSi

Facebook to be pre-installed on new European DSi's
Nintendo has confirmed that three new colored DSi's will be available from October 23rd and include Facebook pre-installed on the systems. The colors are light blue, metallic blue and red.

Facebook pre-installed on metallic blue, light blue and red versions; Coming in October
Nintendo has today announced that its DSi will be available in three new colours from October 23rd – with Facebook pre-installed on the console.

The system will be available in Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red across Europe on October 23rd.

The Facebook feature allows users to post their photographic creations straight to their profile via the Nintendo DSi Camera.
The console also includes Flipnote Studio, which enables consumers to make notes on their Nintendo DSi animate their own mini-movies. These can then be uploaded and shared online.

Facebook is some of the most bloody, commercial and boring stuff in the world. Just for people with no social life...
But they still want to brag, lie and show off... Jesus Christ.. It's even worse than reality TV, which IS extremely boring and pointless.

A pain in the arse. The plaque is back


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