Windows XP: Important information for customers

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Windows XP: Important information for customers

Post by kai666 » Friday, 23 Dec 2005, 9:34

Important information for customers using Windows XP

Some of the GameCube PC software can cause problems with certain Windows XP set-ups. The most common cause of this problem is that XP has a habit of moving (or even removing) a particular file, which is used in the process of installing our software.

Fortunately, replacing the file is a very simple process. Just follow the instructions below:

Note: If you have installed the GameCube PC software without any problems, there is no need to alter your set-up.

Go to:
then copy autoexec.nt

Go to:
paste autoexec.nt

Now reboot.
If the file is not in c:\windows\repair\

You can expand the file from the windows xp install cd.

On the install CD in the folder \I386 there will be a file called autoexec.nt_

Use the 'expand' command in a DOS window to extract the file to c:\windows\system32\

Type Expand /? to find out how to use the command.


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