Anekdote: "Mainstream Game shoppers"

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Anekdote: "Mainstream Game shoppers"

Post by loek555 » Wednesday, 10 Jan 2007, 19:13

No more game politics for me....just Anekdotes, things I come accross in real life in stores, supermakets on the street.

"Mainstream Game shoppers"
One of my trips to Antwerp, The usual things; bite to eat, going to the Belgian China town ;), Anime DVD shopping and off course....GAMES!
There is this shop called "MediaMarkt" , They wear red T-shirts for an Uniform.
Once I wore a Red T-shirt and people started to ask all kinds of question and in my turn Answered politely....then I realised that the people thought I worked there :D

Part II ...Coming soon ^^
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Post by kai666 » Saturday, 13 Jan 2007, 6:18

Tell us more, get into the core :wink:

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