US Sales: Nintendo's Wii nearly doubles $ony Play$tation 3

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US Sales: Nintendo's Wii nearly doubles $ony Play$tation 3

Post by kai666 » Wednesday, 21 Feb 2007, 17:48

US Sales: Nintendo's Wii nearly doubles $ony Play$tation 3

PS3 am d00m3d? Too early to tell yet...

Some new data has emerged from US sales tracker NPD, showing how the three new generation machines did against each other for the month of January, 2007. Whilst we wait for more details figures, both Reuters and Bloomberg have revealed the following numbers:

Wii - 436,000 [ December, 2006: 604,000 ]

Xbox 360 - 294,000 [ December, 2006: 1,130,000 ]

PlayStation 3 - 244,000 [ December, 2006: 491,000 ]

According to various sources, whilst the 20GB PlayStation 3 was unavailable during the month, the 60GB edition was indeed widely stocked at retail, whilst the Wii was difficult to find all over the country. Therefore, that really does put a slant on the numbers, showing that Nintendo is already taking control of the next generation market at an early stage.

Other, more accurate numbers, are coming in for hardware as follows:

1: Wii - 435,503
2: PlayStation 2 - 299,352
3: Xbox 360 - 293,774
4: PlayStation 3 - 243,554
5: Nintendo DS - 238,869
6: PlayStation Portable - 210,719
7: Game Boy Advance - 179,482
8: GameCube - 33,806
9: Xbox - 833

It must be noted that Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed there are major DS shortages in the US at the moment, with them set to continue until the late April release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. These numbers also bring the US lifetime sales for the big three new home consoles to:

Xbox 360: 4,828,307

Wii: 1,515,813

PlayStation 3: 930,810

And with Wii software at 977,225 for the month, it brings the tie ratio up to 2.24 games per system sold. And for those desperately needing to know this, one NES and one original Game Boy were sold...

Expect more data as and when it becomes available!

By Adam Riley (jesusraz)
21.02.2007 09:55


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