10.12.10 | Yoshi's Story (N64) Xplorer 64 & Action Replay cheats, cheat codes for Nintendo 64
Yoshi is Super Happy: ° All the eggs you can throw !
° You can hit enemies and not take damage. ° Yoshi tonques are 1˝ times as long as their bodies.
° With a ground pound, all the White Shy Guys on the screen will change to Lucky Fruit.
Finish any Course to have White & Black Yoshi Saved to Game Pak. Keep the code ON for Unlimited Lives. [1]
1 (M) Must Be On - Enable Code: Xplorer 64 3FFFFFFF 0002 Must use Boot Mode 3.
Ordinary Codes
2 Unlock White and Black Yoshi  [1] 800F958F 00FF .
3 Play as Black Yoshi 800F954B 0007 06: Play as White Yoshi.
Infinite Health Codes
4 Unlimited Health for Green Yoshi 800F954F 0009 08: Infinite Normal Health.
09: Infinite Super Happy Health.
5 Unlimited Health for Red Yoshi 800F9553 0009
6 Unlimited Health for Yellow Yoshi 800F9557 0009
7 Unlimited Health for Dark Blue Yoshi 800F955B 0009
8 Unlimited Health for Light Blue Yoshi 800F955F 0009
9 Unlimited Health for Pink Yoshi 800F9563 0009
10 Unlimited Health for White Yoshi 800F9567 0009
11 Unlimited Health for Black Yoshi 800F956B 0009
12 The above 8 codes combined 50000804
End of Levels Stats for Yoshi's:
There are 3 Special Hearts hidden in each Course. Each time you get one, the number of Courses that
you can select from on the Course Select screen will increase. If you got 3 Special Hearts, you will be
able to select from any of the 4 Courses. If you want to play in every Course, make sure to find all 3.  [2]
13 Always Have 30 Fruit Eaten 800F92EF 001E Press the START-button
to see Yoshi's current Mood.
14 Always Have 30 Enemies Defeated 800F92F3 001E
15 Always Have 50 Coins Collected 800F92F7 0032
16 Always Have 3 Special Hearts Found  [2] 800F92FB 0003
17 Always Have 30 Melons Collected 800F92FF 001E
18 Always have all 8 Yoshi's Alive 800F9303 0008
Have Trial Courses and Stages
19 Unlock all Trial Levels 800F95FB
20 Unlock all Trial Levels 800FA01B
Alternative Code.
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