06.10.10 | Rakuga Kids (N64) Xplorer 64 & Action Replay cheats, cheat codes for Nintendo 64
Enter OPTION MODE, to see a new, EXTRA OPTION, cheat Feature; bottom screen.
All these Features Saves to N64 Controller Pak and unlocks Inuzo, Darkness and
Haunted Zone Level, Stun Rate x4, Magic Limit x9, Combo Limit, Magic Free and Invincibility. [1]
Hold L-button, while choosing Mamezo, to Play as INUZO.
1 Unlock all Extra Bonus Cheat Features 800ACD55 0064 Extra Option Cheats. [1]
Codes for Player 1
2 Infinite Health 810ACB88 0140 .
3 Always Full Crayon Bar 810ACB8A 01F8
4 Infinite 3 Crayons 800ACB8D 0003
Codes for Player 2
5 Infinite Health 810ACC78 0140 .
6 Always Full Crayon Bar 810ACC7A 01F8
7 Infinite 3 Crayons 800ACC7D 0003
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