09.11.04 | Lego Racers (N64) Xplorer 64 & Action Replay cheats, cheat codes for Nintendo 64
Cheats from within the Game
1 Turbo Mode and all Cars 8009ACBE 0011 04: No Chassis.
08: No Driver.
2 Reversed Rocket Racer, Run track and Car 8009ACBF 0022 01: No Slow Down off Track.
02: Fly Mode.
04: Red Shooting Bricks.
08: Yellow Oil Slick Bricks.
10: Green Turbo Bricks.
40: Red Grapple Bricks.
80: Max Power-Up Level.
3 No Slow Down and Max Power-up 8009ACBF 0081 Do NOT use with the above code.
4 Have all Tracks and LEGO Building Pieces 802576D4
5 Max Circuit Points in Total 812550A2 029A .
6 Max 30 Circuit Points in Race 802550BB 001E
7 No terrible 'music' noise 802576CF 0000 Silence... Oh, sweet silence.
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